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How can I win my custody battle?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2023 | Family Law |

During a divorce, there are no winners or losers. When it comes to working out custody between two parents, a final decision made with the child’s best interest at heart is the closest one side or the other can come to winning.

The process for determining child custody is not a fight or a war. Though people commonly use the phrase custody battle, successfully achieving an arrangement that suits you falls under the practice of custody diplomacy.

Custody arrangements to agree on

With situations of abuse and neglect, there are obvious reasons why a judge would award one parent custody. However, custody arrangements should involve the input of both parents to determine a schedule that not only works for the children involved but for the commitment abilities of the parents.

You can give yourself a more realistic view of custody arrangements when you consider what you are capable of providing and committing to. If both parents can agree to some common ground, it becomes easier to work out the details.

Parenting plans and schedules to sign

The custody process often works better when two parents can agree and present a parenting time plan to the judge. Sitting down with negotiators or other professionals can help you work through the questions or demands you have. Realize you may need to compromise or adjust expectations, keeping in mind that your child’s well-being is at stake. Once you have a plan you both agree to, you can present it in court for approval.

Custody battles are not won or lost by who gets to spend more time with the children involved. A child who can spend time with both parents and enjoy their attention will thrive, therefore making him or her the winner.